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A Rare Ground-Floor, Pre-IPO Opportunity In CBD for Qualified Investors:

5 Surprising Reasons Wall Street May Soon Find This Upstart CBD Company Impossible to Ignore

Join Other Regulation A, Tier 2 Investors Who Are Already On Board Before the possible IPO

Watch this brief video for the full story now — or read on to discover the 6 surprising reasons why one under-the -radar CBD producer is looking to trigger massive disruption in the Global Health, Food and Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

What investor hasn’t fantasized about getting in on the ground floor of a company whose stock shoots to the moon? Just think…

  • If you had invested $1,000 in Amazon’s IPO on May 15, 1997 your shares would now be worth approximately $1.4 million…
  • If you had invested $1,000 in Microsoft’s IPO on March 13, 1986 your shares would be worth roughly $1.6 million…
  • Meanwhile, if you had invested $1,000 in Intel’s IPO in October of 1972, your investment would have bought 42 shares. Since that time, Intel’s stock has split 13 times – growing your tiny stake to 51,030 shares worth $2.94 million today, while paying out over $64,000 in annual dividends!

Now you can’t turn back the clock to collect those gains. You now have a surprising opportunity to snag possible returns with what we see as a rising star company that could be the next big thing in CBD. What’s more, Qualified Investors can get on board now before the possible IPO for a potential profit windfall.

The CBD revolution is disrupting the global pharmaceutical, health, food and beverage, and beauty industries in a big way – while making a handful of savvy investors rich.

In 2018, we saw tiny CBD companies like Tilray, MedMen, and Aurora all hit multi-billion dollar valuations in mere months, with producers such as Cronos Group soaring 9,033% as its value multiplied by 91 times.

If you had invested in Cronos Group when it was trading at just $0.24 per share in mid-July 2016, before it began its steady upward climb… you could have transformed a tiny $1,000 investment into $90,300 in a little under 3 years!

Better yet, this profit train is just getting started. The demand for CBD for medical and wellness purposes is soaring, likely due to its healing properties, which we think is the key factor driving the growth of the market.

CBD-infused products have gone mainstream. They’re seemingly on the shelves of every drug store and supermarket in every town and city, with thousands more products being sold online.

Consider this…


According to leading researchers, BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research, CBD sales in the U.S. are expected to surge from $1.9 billion in 2018 to $20 billion by 2024. That’s an astounding compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 49%[i]!

The U.S. CBD market is projected to go up, up, up – more than DOUBLING every two years!

BOTTOM LINE: We see CBD as the fastest growing multi-billion dollar market on earth, and we project that it’s going to make even more savvy investors wealthy in the months and years to come!

CBD producer, Flora Growth, is a unique investment opportunity in the CBD space.

It’s moving aggressively to establish itself as the world’s largest vertically-integrated, low-cost producer of organically-grown, pharmaceutical-grade CBD oils and extracts, and CBD-based consumer products.

Its strategy to maintain 100% control of the supply chain, from production all the way through to distribution and sales – bypassing the middlemen and selling its finished, branded products directly to consumers – is projected to help it maximize margins as it works towards supplying global demand for CBD.

I can already see your eyes rolling at such a lofty vision. After all, what company doesn’t have a goal to be the best and cheapest? But let me give you six reasons why this is surprisingly realistic – and why jumping on this opportunity now could hand you some nice future profits.

SURPRISING REASON #1: Flora Growth Enjoys the World’s Perfect Outdoor Growing Conditions

It’s hard to overstate the excellence of Flora Growth’s Cosechemos cultivation facility in the mountains of Bucaramanga, Colombia.The company strategically selected Cosechemos as the hub for its operations because of the region’s ideal outdoor growing conditions. The cultivation facility is located in the mountains of Bucaramanga, Colombia in the middle of the “Equatorial Zone,” which management believes provides the best, most perfect growing conditions in the world with a unique climate that can’t be replicated.

Producers in colder climates must rely on a variety of automated climate control systems and artificial lighting to mimic an outdoor environment that’s suitable for cannabis cultivation. However, a grower in Colombia already enjoys ideal growing conditions year-round.

The growing conditions at Flora Growth’s Cosechemos cultivation facility in the mountains of Bucaramanga, Columbia are exceedingly difficult to replicate anywhere else in the world.

The growing conditions at Flora Growth’s Cosechemos cultivation facility in the mountains of Bucaramanga, Columbia are exceedingly difficult to replicate anywhere else in the world.

Instead of setting up expensive indoor grow facilities, Colombian growers need only focus on optimizing plant growth to achieve the highest possible CBD production per square foot.

Colombia has no seasons and the weather is nearly the same year-round. The crop cycles operate in perfect harmony with the 12 hours of daily average sunlight.

Flora’s farm site has six spring water deposits on site to supply water.

The volcanic soil in the region is perfect for growing cannabis. And it’s enhanced by the decay of lush jungles, which fills the soil with microorganisms that – when supplemented with the right amounts of enzymes, carbon sources, and other ingredients for them to reproduce – create the favorable balance of beneficial microorganisms for plants to thrive.

These microorganisms kill pests naturally and provide critical nutrition, eliminating the need for traditional pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and toxic elements used by other producers – allowing for a product that’s free of known heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and other dangerous byproducts.

What’s more, a light constant breeze sweeps through the property, greatly reducing the incidence of plant-harming pathogens.

The result of the steady sunlight, ideal temperature and humidity, and rich soil throughout the year is a natural environment that reduces the threat of disease, mold, or mildew — all of which are common when cannabis is grown in an artificial environment.

In the end, Flora Growth can grow its source plants outdoors organically in an extremely efficient way that producers in other parts of the world simply can’t economically duplicate.

The year-round growing season allows for three healthy harvests per year, while other outdoor growers around the world, in less productive regions, are lucky to get one decent harvest per year.

Right now, Flora Growth is licensed to cultivate 247 acres of non-psychoactive cannabis. They’ve acquired rights to an additional 5,268 acres in Puerto Boyaca, so they are projected to be able to steadily increase the size of cultivation as the demand for Flora’s products increases.

SURPRISING REASON #2: Exceptionally Low Production Costs— Less Than 1/7th the Cost of North American Producers

Simply put, the cost of producing cannabis in Colombia is far less than in other countries.

Cannabis producers in other countries must rely on artificial systems for climate control, high intensity lighting, and large scale filtering of the municipal water supply. So they require an enormous amount of electricity to run their facilities.

Also, cannabis producers are often located in markets with a less experienced, higher-cost labor force.

Thanks to the ideal growing conditions in Colombia, Flora Growth grows a substantial portion of its crops outdoors in fields as nature intended. So it requires no climate control systems and high intensity lighting.

What’s more, Flora Growth has direct access to a low-cost, highly-trained, experienced labor force that’s skilled in flower cultivation. This is projected to result in greater efficiency in production, and translate directly to the bottom line with some of the lowest production costs in the world.

For example, let’s compare Colombia to the average North American producer.

Due to the extremely high cost of using artificial production methods, plus the high cost of labor in these markets… the average cost for a North American producer to grow cannabis indoors or in greenhouses is $1.33 and $0.88 per gram, respectively. 

Meanwhile, Flora Growth’s expected cost of production is just $0.18 per gram.

Simply put … it is anticipated that U.S. and Canadian producers will not be able to compete with Flora Growth, which is expected to produce superior-quality CBD oils and extracts organically at a fraction of the price. It is forecasted to be in a position to supply the surging North American market with pharmaceutical-grade, CBD oils and extracts for less than 1/7th the cost of the average North American producer.

In fact, if Flora Growth were to sell CBD products at the current average price of such products in the U.S. today, it could have an estimated profit margin of nearly 800%, or around 700% in Canada.

SURPRISING REASON #3: Scientifically Advanced Growers of Organic, All-Natural Cannabis

At the end of the day, cannabis is just another flowering plant. But growing a flower is very heavy on science when done the right way.

The people of Colombia have more than 55 years of proven agricultural expertise and technology in the cut flower industry. In fact, Colombia is the world’s largest exporter of cut flowers, with the U.S. importing 80% of its flowers from them.

Flora Growth has direct access to this wealth of experience, and that expertise is expected to translate directly into a cheaper, more efficient production process.

Flora Growth’s cultivation team is currently focused almost exclusively on research and development to determine the optimal cannabis strains to grow at Cosechemos … ones that thrive in the all-natural, organic growing conditions at the farm, with the highest CBD yield.

The company uses its innovative scientific processes to regularly measure over 30 different variables on the plants, including pest and disease incidence, plant yield, and growth rate.

To date, they’ve planted seeds from 12 different varieties of non-psychoactive, high-CBD cannabis sourced from the region. Once the flowers are harvested, they’re sent to a lab for analysis with a specific focus on measuring cannabinoid content.

For many companies, growing cannabis from seeds is expensive, ranging from $1.25 up to $35.00 per seed. So when it comes to having a field with 100,000+ cannabis plants, this cost can add up to millions of dollars.

However, once the team of scientists at Flora Growth has selected the best cannabis strain for the region, they intend to use a faster, more efficient commercial production process called asexual propagation. This process is expected to reduce the cost of production to less than 10 cents per seed. That’s a 10x reduction in cost, resulting in estimated cost savings of millions of dollars per crop at scale.

Plus, it is forecasted to produce a high uniformity of the resulting crop, which is required to produce plants with a consistent concentration of cannabinoids.

SURPRISING REASON #4: Colombia is Seen as a Burgeoning Leader in Latin America, with a Booming Free-Market 

You may think of Columbia as a dangerous and poor country overrun by Marxist guerrillas. And 10 years ago, you’d have been right.

But after a series of free-market reforms and a crackdown on the guerrillas, the country has experienced what the Washington Post calls the ‘Colombian Miracle’.

The violent, chaotic, drug haven of the 80s and 90s seems to have transformed into a prosperous South American country, and the guerrillas that once terrorized the populace are less visible.

The new Colombian president, Iván Duque Márquez, is anti-corruption and pro-Trump. He’s a forward-looking conservative who’s been implementing economic policy and deregulation to spawn foreign investment.

As a result, Colombia is booming economically.

In addition, the government appears to be serious about supporting Colombia’s burgeoning CBD industry. It has an attractive regulatory environment for foreign investment, and is active in the global market with an open free market economy that has many free trade agreements worldwide.

This includes the U.S., Canada, and EU. It’s also a founding member of the Pacific Alliance Regional trade block.

As a result of these efforts, Colombia’s GDP growth is much improved. A business-friendly government, with strong international ties and trade agreements, all contribute to a stable region economically.

Bottom line … Flora Growth’s strategy is to use Colombia’s greatest assets to its advantage, and for this reason it is projected to ultimately control the largest non-psychoactive organic cannabis crop in the world.

It is forecasted to grow the highest-quality, lowest-cost crop, while extracting the CBD oil under European Union good manufacturing practice (EU-GMP) standards for global export, with which the company intends to comply.

And all that is critically important to …

SURPRISING REASON #5: Flora Growth’s Key Acquisitions of Trusted, Widely Distributed Brands are Expected to Translate to Higher Profit Margins

Flora Growth has signed letters of intent to acquire several companies that already have trusted consumer brands, with widespread distribution.   

These key acquisitions are expected to allow it to quickly begin selling branded products infused with its unique blend of CBD oil directly to the consumer, thereby bypassing the middlemen in the distribution chain. As such, Flora Growth has the potential to enjoy much higher profit margins than a producer-only company.

These acquisitions include:


Flora Beauty – Flora Growth’s beauty and cosmetics division

CBD offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that can be beneficial in treating skin concerns like inflammation, dryness and free radical damage.

In fact, the Global CBD-infused cosmetics market is expected to increase by $3.09 billion during 2020-2024, growing at a remarkable compound annual growth rate of 31%.

Founded by global beauty influencer, Paulina Vega – former Miss Colombia and Miss Universe – Flora Beauty plans to produce nine beauty and cosmetic products containing Flora Growth’s superiorhigh-quality, pharmaceutical-grade organic CBD oil.

They’re expected to be distributed via a high-end product line called “Mind Naturals” and a mass-market product line called “Awe.”

Flora Growth also has signed letters of intent to acquire two additional companies that already have trusted brands, with thousands of revenue-generating distribution points.

Cronomed Laboratory

Cronomed Laboratory has a portfolio of 37 pharmaceutical drugs registered and licensed with INVIMA (Colombia’s FDA equivalent), ranging from anti-inflammatory products to vitamins and painkillers.

This extensive product line was originally created to serve 600 pharmacies exclusively. However, Flora Growth is working towards opening sales channels to the Colombian government.

Since  the Colombia government buys a big portion of the countries pharmaceuticals, this move creates enormous profit potential.

Cronomed also has 52 other brands that will is anticipated to provide high-margin sales immediately from a traditional line that does not include cannabis.

Flora Growth intends to use Cronomed’s experienced R&D team to create its own line of CBD-infused products for sale to the government, as well as through other distribution channels that are already in place. This includes 1,800 drug stores and e-commerce delivery company.

Breeze Laboratory

Breeze is a Colombian pharmaceutical developer and manufacturer.

It’s natural and eco-friendly approach – including a private brand of natural, organic, and vegan products that include EcoCert certified raw products – seemingly fits perfectly within Flora’s broader strategy, and has fueled significant growth and recognition.

In the first half of 2020, Breeze’s revenues increased 230% compared to the same period in 2019. With the financial and strategic support that Flora Growth is providing, and synergies with Flora’s other divisions, this growth is expected to continue.

Flora Growth recently acquired Colombian pharmaceutical manufacturer, Breeze Laboratory, in order to guarantee 100% control of product quality.

Flora Growth recently acquired Colombian pharmaceutical manufacturer, Breeze Laboratory, in order to guarantee 100% control of product quality.

In order to meet Flora’s market-expansion targets, Breeze is in the process of constructing new facilities that are intended to meet international standards and obtain quality certifications. These include Good Laboratory Practices, BPE, EU-GMP, and Cosmetics-GMP. These new facilities are being built to manufacture products for Flora Beauty, Cronomed, and Mambe using the organic CBD oil produced at Cosechemos.

Most importantly, it is intended to allow Flora Growth to export products across the globe, while ensuring their products meet the pharmaceutical-grade quality that’s expected.

Flora Growth Already Has An Elite Team On the Ground In Colombia

Let’s face it … the ideal growing conditions, agricultural expertise, and low production costs won’t matter much if the company can’t execute.


Fortunately, Flora Growth already has an elite team in Colombia ready for rapid growth.

Stan Bharti

Stan Bharti

Executive Chairman

Stan has amassed over $3 billion of capital for the companies and shareholders he’s worked with during his 30-plus years.

As founder and executive chairman of Forbes & Manhattan, a private merchant bank that identifies high-quality assets, his deal-making abilities are unrivaled.

Stan and his team specialize in incubating and managing assets over three- to six-year time horizons, often exiting companies after generating significant returns for early investors. As Flora grows and requires access to capital, professional expertise, and marketing support, Stan and his team have the experience to get the job done.

Damian Lopez

Damian Lopez

Chief Executive Officer

Damian has a background that’s ideally suited for a South American venture.

He served as CEO of Valencia Ventures, a Canadian resource company… he was a corporate securities lawyer working with Canadian and U.S. publicly listed companies… and he has over 10 years’ experience working in Latin American markets.

So, for a South American operation that must carefully navigate the red tape of the CBD industry, while also considering a public listing on a globally-recognized exchange such as the NASDAQ or NYSE, his experience is a crucial piece of the Flora puzzle

 Javier Franco

Javier Franco

VP Agriculture

Javier has more than 20 years of experience designing, implementing, and managing cultivation and propagation facilities in Colombia and Ecuador, with a specialty in cut flowers. As we’ve already seen, Colombia is the number one exporter of cut flowers in the world.

He’s a master horticulturist who served as director of agriculture for Tecnoviv SAS in Colombia, whose agricultural products are used by Pepsi, Whole Foods, Coca-Cola, and others. He has the experience to scale Flora’s Colombian grow operations over the next several years.

Flora has incredible potential and I’m thrilled to be joining the company to help develop its brand portfolio. I think Flora’s focus on organic and sustainable production methods will resonate with consumers and differentiate the company in the global CBD space.

Luis Merchan

Former VP of Workforce Strategy and Operations for Macy’s

Luis Merchan

Luis Merchan

President of Consumer Goods

Luis recently joined to oversee the sales and operations of Flora Growth’s diverse brand portfolio of CBD products.

He most recently served as Macy’s Inc’s Vice President of Workforce Strategy and Operations, one of the largest beauty and cosmetic retailers in the world, where he managed the enterprise’s multi-billion dollar P&L expense line for the 540-store portfolio.

Throughout his 10-year tenure at Macy’s he led various sales and marketing initiatives, including the B2B corporate sales team that was responsible for $160 million in annual revenue and 15% year over year growth.

He understands the demand for all-natural, sustainable products and will focus on creating high-selling products that consumers want.

Paulina Vega

Paulina Vega

Founder of Flora Beauty

Former Miss Colombia in 2013 and Miss Universe in 2014 – is a well-known “influencer” in the beauty and cosmetics space, and will be the face of Flora Beauty.

With over 5.5 million followers on Instagram, the leading social media platform for e-commerce and influencer marketing, she’s well on her way to guiding Flora Beauty to becoming a market leader in the CBD-based beauty and skincare industry.

A Rare Ground-Floor, Pre-IPO Private Investment Opportunity in CBD for Qualified Investors!

You’ve seen how early investors in Intel had the opportunity to potentially transform a tiny $1,000 investment into $2.94 million, while earning over $64,000 in annual dividends.

You’ve also seen how tiny CBD companies have helped investors lock-in double and triple-digit gains of as much 9,033%.

We believe that Flora Growth has potential for accelerated growth, and for a limited time Qualified Investors can grab an ownership share in this little-known company before the possible IPO, and before Wall Street insiders discover it.

Traditionally, the only United States resident individuals who could easily invest in an unrelated startup, whether buying debt in a restaurant or equity in the next mobile app, were accredited investors.

Accredited investors are those who:

  • Made over $200,000 in annual salary for the past two years with the expectation for this level salary for the current year…
  • Or made over $300,000 in joint annual salary (for spouses) over the past two years with the expectation for this level joint salary for the current year…
  • Or have over $1 million net worth, excluding their primary residence.

Fortunately, that’s no longer the case.

Thanks to Title IV of the JOBS Act (better known as Reg A+), the fastest growing private companies in America can now conduct “Pre-IPOs” and raise up to $50 million in equity per year from any qualified American.

Fully regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Reg A+ set in motion laws that would allow everyday United States resident investors to purchase shares in certain startups. It levels the playing field for the common investor, giving companies the ability to raise money from accredited and non-accredited investors alike.

As such, it’s no longer an investment tool for the wealthy!

To date, it’s raised over $15 million through its Reg A+ offering, which is more than enough to execute on its immediate business objectives and move forward with its strategy. So any additional capital is projected to only accelerate growth.

The majority of capital raised is expected to go directly toward scaling production operations in Colombia, as well as growing distribution networks for the contemplated retail divisions – including beauty, medical, and food and beverage.

Bottom line, this is a rare ground floor opportunity to invest in a uniquely-positioned company on the leading edge of a trend that’s transforming the world’s largest industries forever!

When you invest in Flora Growth’s Reg A+ offering today, you’ll be joining over 4,500 investors who understand its incredible  growth potential.

Flora Growth Pre-IPO Private Investment Deal Summary

Flora Growth’s is an early-stage company targeting the lucrative global CBD market. Its objective is to become the world’s largest vertically-integrated, lowest-cost producer of organically grown, pharmaceutical grade CBD oils, extracts and CBD-infused consumer products.

SECURITY TYPE: Unit offering, with each unit comprised of one Flora common share and one-half of one common share purchase warrant.

UNIT PRICE: The price is $0.75 for each unit.

WARRANTS: Each whole warrant can be exercised at a price of $1.00 for one Flora common share over the next 18 months.

MINIMUM INVESTMENT: $1,200 for 1,600 units.

For example… let’s say you invest $4,500 in Flora Growth shares. That would give you 6,000 shares and 3,000 warrants.

Now let’s assume the team at Flora Growth executes on its business plan, driving share value to $3 per share by the end of the first 18 months. You could then “exercise” your warrants to buy additional shares for only $1 per share (even though the going market rate is $3), giving you up to 3,000 more shares at an immediate 67% discount over the market rate.

That’s why warrants may be a lot like lottery tickets. It’s also why private investment deals like this are a preferred investment for the rich and well-connected!

IMPORTANT: This round will close no later than when the $30 million target is hit. So it’s critical to act now, BEFORE this deal gets on the radar of Wall Street insiders.

Flora Growth intends to pursue a listing on an American exchange once this Reg A+ offering closes, at a time that maximizes shareholder value. As a participant in this Reg A+ funding round, if Flora Growth applies and qualifies for the listing of its shares on a public stock exchange, you’ll also get to be in on a potential IPO with an even greater potential for profit.

Simply call Toll-Free 1-647-800-8535, or complete the form below to request your FREE no-obligation Special Report How to Cash in on the CBD Revolution: Why Flora Growth Could Be this Booming Industry’s Next Big Winner for immediate download!

How Much Should You Invest?

How much you invest is a very personal decision, but a minimum of $1200 investment is required.

Here are the investment tiers [5] for this offering …

Tier 1: $1,200

Invest the minimum $1,200 in Flora Growth and you’ll get a Share Certificate for your wall.

Tier 2: $2,500

Invest at least $2,500 and you’ll not only get that Share Certificate, but you will also receive Flora Beauty’s Mind Naturals Premium CBD Skincare Package

Tier 3: $5,000

Invest at least $5,000 and you’ll enjoy the rewards of Tier 1 and Tier 2 and you receive a  Mambe All-Natural Amazonian Food & Beverage Package.

Tier 4: $10,000

If you invest $10,000 in this offering, not only will you get all of the above rewards, but you will also receive a Stardog Hemp-based Crew Neck

Tier 5: 25,000+

If you invest $25,000 or more in this offering you will receive the above rewards and a tour of Cosechemos.

The growth of the booming CBD market is seemingly indisputable. We expect it to continue to soar well into the foreseeable future, and we believe that Flora Growth is perfectly positioned for future profits. So don’t delay… request your FREE Flora Growth Special Report today!

Request Your FREE, No-Obligation Flora Growth Special Report Today!

More than just a vision, Flora Growth is an early-stage company with what we believe to be high growth potential in an exceptionally high growth market.

It has a clear strategy to capitalize on the opportunity by leveraging low-cost production of organic, pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil to supply its portfolio of brands in the global health, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and beauty industries.

Simply complete the form below and we’ll immediately rush Special Report: How to Cash in on the CBD Revolution: Why Flora Growth Could Be this Booming Industry’s Next Big Winner.

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